Dietetic competence is the ability of a person to fulfill the dietetic role safely and effectively.

Canterbury Dietitians was developed to ensure that a dietitian did not work in isolation. The ability to peer review and to openly discuss issues and ideas with a colleague is invaluable to us.

Leigh, Liz and Maz are New Zealand Registered Dietitians with current annual practicing certificates  and are both endorsed with dietitian prescribing rights. They are participants in the New Zealand Dietitians Board Continuing Competency Program.

The Continuing Competency Program ensures that dietetic practice is sound and follows current evidence based practice. This is achieved by participating in continuing education events, having a recognized mentor to set goals and discuss practice with, participating in peer review and being involved in other professional development activities.

Leigh, Liz and Maz are members of the Dietitians New Zealand.  We meet regularly to review our current practice  and provide peer feedback.  We also attend regular competency events and training.