Group Talks

Canterbury Dietitians is able to present up to date and stimulating group talks on nutrition or food safety. 

Examples of places we can provide talks to are;

  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Rest homes and hospitals
  • Community Groups
  • Fundraisers

Some example topics include;

  • The Best Diet?  Is there such as thing?
  • Making sense of food labeling
  • What’s the story with FAT?
  • 30 Minute Nutrition – Foods not Nutrients
  • Longevity and food – is there a link?
  • Food intolerance & allergy

Or we can tailor a talk specifically to your requirements.
To book at presentation for your group please contact us now.

Liz 021 549 236 email:

Leigh 027 220 5151 email:

Maz 022 045 9942 email: