Canterbury Dietitians is able to write a menu for a food service to meet the nutritional needs of the client group, and meet the quality and financial targets. We have many years experience in developing menus for institutions such as, rest homes, public and private hospitals and workplace cafeterias.

Canterbury Dietitians is also able to audit a menu that is in use at a site. We will assess that the menu, together with the ordering, production and service process meets the nutritional needs of the people receiving the meals.

In Aged Care Facilities, Canterbury Dietitians will use the Dietitians New Zealand Menu Audit Tool for Aged Care Facilities. This tool was designed by dietitians for use in aged care facilities.

In facilities catering to client groups not included in the aged care population, Canterbury Dietitians will use a Menu Audit Tool based on the Menu Audit Tool for Aged Care Facilities, but will assess nutritional adequacy against the appropriate age group’s nutritional requirements.